Vmware View 4.5 – first thoughts

Well, I’m back after an extended hiatus! Didja miss me? In my new job, back onto relevant topics, I am mucking around with deploying Vmware View to various organisations.

Of all the suite of Vmware products, View has me most interested. It’s the network nazi in me that really finds granular control of the destop environment so fascinating.

Generally this means implementing group policies to lock down the Windows operating system, redirect user data and so forth. Now I can leverage ideas like snapshots and templates to deploy my standard operating environment (SOE) to clients both locally and remotely. Bare metal deploys are still a bit of a problem, but now both Wyse and HP thin clients are integrating the Vmware View client into them, when it comes time to do a hardware refresh I can throw away my old desktop machines and replace them with thin clients.

The transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 is now possible without a (potentially) expensive hardware refresh too. All I need to do it deploy the View Client to my existing fleet and I can have a shiny new operating system ready to go.

The infrastructure behind the technology is, like much of Vmware’s technology, remarkably simple once you get your head around a few key concepts. I’m looking forward to implementing this technology and fully maxing out it’s potential, especially, in my opinion, to my SME customers!