[PRACTICE] Fixed length subnet masking #1

After the other week’s CCENT course, I made a promise to start emailing subnetting examples out. Rather than writing and re-writing the same thing time and time again, I figured I’d put them up here instead.

So, fixed length subnet masking example #1 is this:

You have been given the network range Your first task is to break this network up into blocks of one hundred IP addresses. How many blocks of IP addresses will you get (how many networks will you have)? What are the network IDs and what are the broadcast IP addresses for each of the network ranges?

I will post the answer on Tuesday 9th December, 2008 at 10:30am EDST.

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[TUTORIAL] WSUS without a domain

First of all, what the hell is WSUS? WSUS (Windows Update Services) is Microsoft’s free patch management tool. In a corporate environment, it’s not wise or useful for every client to retrieve and apply updates from Microsoft. The least of which, the potential dent in corporate Internet access. WSUS is, effectively, a proxy for Windows Updates. One server configured as an update server retrieves all the updates for all the operating systems once and then farms them out to my clients.

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