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          How big the world is depends on your mind and how far you can go depends on your insight.Sanhua attaches great importance to management, technology and talents. After battling hundred times for the new undertaking, Sanhua has developed from Xinchang County to the world stage and become a dedicated and advanced industry milestone; holding a long-term perspective for the future and with a new globally-leading starting point, Sanhua will go on pursuing green development and surpassing by innovation.

          Sanhua Vision

          Creating green environment with high quality by developing energy-saving and low-carbon economy

          Holding high the banner of environmental protection, Sanhua devotes itself to promoting green development of global industries and carbon emission reduction, creating an environmental -friendly life for the mankind and promoting harmonious development between people and earth, people and nature with its own products and ideas.

          Sanhua Missions

          Sanhua intends to build a global climate intelligent control kingdom and take the lead in the world’s industrial development by dedication and advanced technology.

          Sanhua is dedicated to researching and developing technologies satisfying the market demands, providing top clients all over the world with competitive solutions to climate intelligent control, leading the industrial development by advanced technology and promoting the development of global energy saving and environment protection.

          Sanhua Strategy

          Keeping Ahead by Dedication and Surpassing by Innovation

          Sanhua is dedicated to its core business and pursues advanced technology of global industry; and keeps attaching great importance to innovations of products and technologies and continues promoting management innovation, culture innovation and business mode innovation; Sanhua strives for perfection of products and technologies earnestly and attentively and keeps being surefooted and taking the lead in global industry; moreover, Sanhua keeps surpassing competitors and itself to advance toward a state that “the resources are limited but intelligence is infinite”. Let time deposit and verify values of Sanhua.
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