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          How big the world is depends on your mind and how far you can go depends on your insight. Sanhua attaches great importance to management, technology and talents. After battling hundred times for the new undertaking, Sanhua has developed from Xinchang County to the world stage and become a dedicated and advanced industry milestone; holding a long-term perspective for the future and with a new globally-leading starting point, Sanhua will go on pursuing green development and surpassing by innovation.

          Attracting Talents
          You are the right person who we need if you are positive and passionate .
          Talents Cultivation
          We think that staff quality guarantees product quality.
          Corporate Values
          We provide a fair opportunity for every employee’s self-fulfillment.
          • Manager of Intellectual Properties

            Location :Xiasha, Hangzhou

            Education:College degree or above

            Qualification Openings:
            Bachelor degree or above, majored in engineering, master relevant patent law, intellectual property law and other related laws and regulations, be familiar with patent application process and all kinds of management systems on intellectual properties and patents.

          • Procurement Senior Manager

            Location :Hangzhou, Zhejiang

            Education:Bachelor's Degree or above

            Qualification Openings:

            1.Bachelor’s Degree or above, in related field like Computer Science, Electric Information, Electric Automation and Software

            2.Knowledge about the construction of information platform, supplier chain, IT, and computer science

            3.5+ years of experience in IT, Software Development, improvement of information platform or procurement

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