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          BBrand represents an enterprise’s internal quality and external image. Sanhua has formed the brand connotations of “flowers of management, technology and talents” and been honored as China top brand, Famous Trademark of China, China Export Brand, Chinese Excellent Enterprise, National Key Hi-tech Enterprise, National Contract-abiding and Promise-keeping Enterprise and National Top 500 Enterprise in Mechanical Industry and so on.

          In November 2008, Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., Ltd. won “China Quality Award”. Afterwards, Sanhua started implementing excellent performance management model and establishing strategic management system and has improved management level from product quality control to management quality control. In February 2012, Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., Ltd. won the “Quality Award of Zhejiang Province” with the highest scores.

          On June 6th, 2021, the lab of Fuerda was assessed and accredited by CNAS.

          On June 5th, 2021, Vice-President and Research Chair of Sanhua Holding Group, Huang Ningjie was hired as “Foreign Specialist of SAE-C/ATSC”.

          On Apr 29, 2021, Sanhua’s project “The Key Technology and Industrialization of Outdoor Microchannel Heat Exchanger Applied in Green and Efficient Heat Pump” was awarded Top Award of 2020 Zhejiang Machinery and Technology Awards.

          On Apr 27, 2021, Sanhua Holding Group won the honorary title of the 2021 national “May 1st” Labor Award.

          On Apr 19, 2021, Hangzhou Leaderway Electronics Co., Ltd was granted TüV Rheinland Authorized Testing Lab Certificate.

          On Mar 24, 2021, Sanhua Aweco, Wuhu, China, won AWE Core Award.

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