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          As a public enterprise, Sanhua has taken social responsibilities into consideration when carrying out business activities since the very beginning of enterprise development to make contributions to sustainable development of the society. Therefore, Sanhua organized all kinds of social activities to contribute to the society.

          On April 4, 2001, the press conference for naming Zhejiang Sanhua Greentown Football Team was held in Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center. Sanhua sponsored Zhejiang Greentown Football Team for three years, with a total investment of 10 million Yuan.

          On October 19, 2004, A large cultural show of The Same Song · Sanhua Will be More Flourishing was jointly held by CCTV and Sanhua Holding Group .

          In 2008, an earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, China. Sanhua lost no time in calling for donations within the company and donated 4 million RMB in total with the employees. We are awarded “Award for Contributions to Charity” by the government of Zhejiang Province, China.

          On September 30, 2011, a large cultural show of “The Night of Sanhua – Ten Plum Blossoms Celebrating the National Day” was held in Hangzhou Theatre.

          In 2013, Sanhua donated 10 million RMB?to set up “Daocai Public Welfare Foundation”, in order to provide subsidy for the aged, the invalid, and education of the poor’s children and develop local public welfare in villages like Xixinkeng in Qiaoying Town.

          In 2014, Sanhua donated 10 million RMB to support the “Five Water Co-Treatment” policy in Zhejiang Province, China.

          In February, 2020, Sanhua donated 10 million RMB for frontline response to Covid-19, purchasing household necessities, helping the sick and the poor, and charitable activities.

          Youth of Xinchang and Shangyu are family; People in Sanhua support those in Shangyu! On 17th, Dec, Sanhua Holding Group donated 5,000,000 to Xinchang Red Cross, for prevention against COVID-19 pandemic in Shangyu District, Shaoxing and Xinchang.

          Environment Policy of Sanhua

          Sanhua regards environment protection as a social responsibility and take “environment protection and emissions purification” as one of our operating principles.

          People-oriented, ceaseless innovation, satisfy employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and society.

          • Observing Statutes and acting Legally
          • Pollution prevention and waste reduction
          • Propagating educationally and enhancing consciousness ?
          • Improving ceaselessly and being persistent

          Environmental Action Guidelines

          Observing statutes and acting legally:
          Sanhua shall observe national and local laws and regulations, standards and other requirements for environment protection to ensure pollutant emissions meet relevant standards.

          Pollution prevention and waste reduction:
          1) Saving energy and reducing consumptions; 2) Utilizing regenerated substances; 3) Management and disposal of wastes; 4) Evaluating environmental factors based on pollution prevention and sustainable development when introducing new equipment and materials.

          Propagating educationally and enhancing consciousness:
          Sanhua shall implement environment management system, publish environmental information and conduct environment protection education, to enhance environmental consciousness, improve environmental actions and protect environment.

          Improving ceaselessly and being persistent:
          Protecting environment, being harmony with environment and creating a green homeland requires long-term efforts and improvements with scientific outlook on development.

          Advanced technologies create high-quality environment

          Sanhua pursues “innovate and exceed” in face of global energy and environment crisis.

          Sanhua develops energy saving conservation, environment protection and intelligent control, advances from parts development to system integration development. Sanhua devotes itself to providing system solutions for clients with high-quality products and technologies and takes the lead in global industry development; and it has made important contributions to green and quality environment of the mankind.

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          • CO2 Reduction

            Sanhua reduces CO2 by production, commodities and services.

          • Resources Recycling

            Sanhua makes effective use of resources by re-manufacturing.

          • Water

            Sanhua protects water resources by high-efficient water use and pollution?control.

          • Chemical Substances

            Sanhua devotes to reducing influences of chemical substances on human and environment.

          • Biodiversity

            Sanhua devotes to treasuring and protecting species diversity.

          • Clients

            Sanhua offers products and services of high enviromental value to customers by technology advantage.

          • Supply Chain

            Sanhua devotes to making greater contributions to environment together with partners.

          • Regions

            Sanhua deepends regional exchange to work on environmental issues.

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