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          Sanhua Automotive is an expert in components, subsystem and system solutions for automotive thermal management. It is one of the best suppliers of normal vehicle and new energy cars’ air conditioning components and thermal management in the globe. It provides energy-saving and high-performance products for normal petrol and diesel cars and solutions for boosting the range of new energy vehicles. Globally, Sanhua Automotive is the first company to develop and apply new products including EXV (electronic expansion valve) for cars, EWP (electronic water pump) and electronic oil valve, electronic water valve, heat exchanger plate, oil cooler, cooling plate in a massive way and simultaneously innovates to develop control unit and systematic technological solutions. Its clients are the important air conditioner (for cars) manufacturers and car (normal and new energy cars) manufacturers and it has 6 main marketing centers located in China, North America, Europe, Japan and Korea, 5 main production bases in Hangzhou, Binhai, Shaoxing, China, and Mexico, Poland, and India. It also has three R&D centers in Hangzhou, China, Detroit, the USA, and Stuttgart, Germany.

          More information

          • Sanhua Automotive

          please find

          • www.sanhuaautomotive.com

          Or Call

          • +86 571 87559179
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