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          Founder and Board Chairman of Sanhua Holding Group

          Mr. Zhang Daocai

          Mr. Zhang Daocai

          How big the world is depends on your mind and how far you can go depends on your insight.

          anhua attaches great importance to management, technology and talents. After battling hundred times for the new undertaking, Sanhua has developed from Xinchang county to the world stage and achieved a dedicated and advanced industry milestone; holding a long-term perspective for the future and with a new world-leading starting point, Sanhua will go on pursuing green development and surpassing by innovation.

          There is only one earth with green hills and trees, sea and sky, where all things are flourishing and with infinite vitality, so we shall protect our common homeland carefully. And we shall live in harmony with earth by green development and care for nature to live sustainably.

          Life is limited, while pursuit is not! Let’s work together to cultivate industry territory and pursue the dream of green development to create a beautiful world and make excellent contributions to the mankind!

          Mr. Zhang Daocai President of Sanhua Holding Group Senior Economist and Founder of Sanhua.

          He has been successively elected as a member of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th NPCs, acted as Vice Presidents of Zhejiang association for the medium and small-sized enterprises, and business managment association and Vice Presidents of APCE, won the National “May 1” Labor Medal and been honored as National Excellent Entrepreneur, Chinese Management Master, The Most Creative Business Leader in Asia-Pacific Region, Model Worker of Zhejiang Province, Meritorious Entrepreneur for “Double Eight Strategy” of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Lifelong Leading Entrepreneur, Zhejiang Manufacturing Leader and so on; moreover, he has been employed by Zhejiang University as MBA postgraduates’ tutor.

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