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          Sanhua Business

          • HVAC&R and Home Appliance
          • Automotive thermal management and control components
          • Finance and investment business

          HVAC&R and Home Appliance

          HVAC&R and Home Appliance is one of Sanhua’s major business. Main componnets are applied in residential air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, heat-pump water heater, refrigeration and home appliance.

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          Automotive thermal management and control components

          Since 1990s, Sanhua started business of thermal expansion valves, receiver/accumulator, and driers for automotive air conditioning system. Since 2006, Zhajiang Sanhua Automobile Components Co., Ltd were found. Today, Sanhua has established a fully functional, global coverage and potentially powerful complete system in automobile air conditioning components business.

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          Finance and investment business

          Sanhua finance and investment business include industry mergers fund, Pre-IPO and fixed income. Sanhua effectively develop industry investment and capital operation with the premise of risk control.

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          About Sanhua Holding Group

          Established in 1984, Sanhua Holding Group takes “Flowers of Management, Technology and Talents” as the core of culture and focuses on the technology of heat pump control and thermal management system. We are devoted, our products advanced. We strive to keep creative and innovative. We have already become one of the top international companies in the industrial areas including HVAC, home appliances, and automobile thermal management. Sanhua has 9 important production bases and more than 20 factories, located in China (Xinchang, Hangzhou, Binhai, Shaoxing, Cixi, Ningbo, Wuhu, Anhui, and Guixi, Jiangxi), Poland, Austria, Mexico, and America. There are about 20 sales companies of Sanhua in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Europe, and the USA. To become industry-leading in the world, Sanhua offers technological innovations and has built Sanhua’s Central R&D Center and a lot of cutting-edged R&D Center worldwide. Overall, there are six Sanhua R&D Center in Hangzhou, China, Detroit and Houston, the USA, and Stuttgart, Germany, with more than 2,000 talents for R&D programs, 3 Chinese talents elected to national “Thousand Talents Program”, 2 Chinese talents elected to provincial “Thousand Talents Program”, and over 60 talents with Doctor’s Degree.

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          Sanhua Staff

          Sanhua Soul

          Sanhua Culture

          Culture is the soul and gene for enterprise development.

          Sanhua has formed its style of “rapid response and immediate action” and spirits of “striving for perfection and pursuit of excellence” in practices.

          Sanhua Brand

          Our Partner

          ... are globally successful because consumers all over the world trust them.

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