[TUTORIAL] Windows 2008 testing environment using Vmware Player part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 we looked at deploying the start of an Active Directory using Vmware Player for testing purposes. In Part 3 we’ll look at deploying additional virtual machines and promoting them to domain members.

[TUTORIAL] Windows 2008 testing environment using Vmware Player part 2

In Part 1 we installed Vmware Player and installed Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise into a virtual machine. In this second part, we’ll look at setting up another virtual machine and deploying our first domain controller for the testing environment.

VMware changes licensing model

This one is great news for those of us that have migrated to vSphere 5 or have held of on migrating. vSphere 5 introduced the idea of memory based licensing and it sent their customer base into a spin. In vSphere 4.1 if you had all the RAM on 128GB server with two sockets, you […]

Vmware View 4.5 – Overview

Vmware View is the virtual desktop infrastructure offering from Vmware. The current version is 4.5.

Vmware View 4.5 – first thoughts

Well, I’m back after an extended hiatus! Didja miss me? In my new job, back onto relevant topics, I am mucking around with deploying Vmware View to various organisations.

Recovering the Aironet 1310

Wow! Hasn’t it been a while?! Isn’t it always the way? You get a new job, a new wife and family and important things like blogging go out the window. I have been extremely busy with all the above, but will spare you the boring details and get onto the good stuff.